What happened to my appetite?


I was beginning to think I had a tapeworm or was just embarking on another winter cold. I would guess that I’m like most people in that I do eat breakfast in the morning, but it’s a quick and very light meal. I workout on an empty stomach as soon as I get up and then down a quick bowl of cereal and some fruit before starting my day (oh, forgot to mention a quart of coffee…I know – not good). Fast forward 2 hours and I am literally starving. No surprise really. The breakfast I just ate was healthy, but barely replenished the energy I used during my workout. I’m always ready with at least one or two snacks in between meals. Why am I not hitting that hunger wall any more? If I’m busy I completely forget to even eat my snack.

I didn’t take me long to figure this out. And it was just 2 small changes I made that had a huge impact. First I started throwing some almonds in my cereal to bump up the protein content of my breakfast. I always have these as a snack, but thought expanding this healthy addition to my breakfast would be a wise decision. My wife also makes a protein smoothie every morning for her and our boys. It’s a simple blend of frozen fruit, banana, frozen spinach, protein powder and rice milk (one of our sons is allergic to dairy). This helps them start off the day right with a full spectrum of vitamins and protein. So I would sneak a small glass of this as I realize straight coffee is not the best beverage of choice to re-hydrate. That’s it. A handful of almonds and probably 6-8 ounces of smoothie. Yet I feel like I’m eating a steak omelet that is lasting me until lunch.

Our bodies are pretty amazing. They also become victims of routine which is why making small changes often has big results. This time of year so many people make drastic changes to their diet so they can live up to their New Year’s resolutions. And making a huge change is often very hard to maintain. It’s the small changes that have a lasting impact. Regardless of your ultimate goal. And the best part? It’s not that hard to get started. Pretty easy to keep the momentum going. And a ton of fun experimenting to see what results you achieve. What small changes have you made that has made a difference?

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