Best Fitness Advice Ever!


If I had to give you the best fitness advice I could ever think of, I can do it in one word – Move!

That’s really all there is to it.  It’s that simple. I can end this article right now and let you chew on that for a while to formulate your own opinion. However, since there aren’t any good sports on at the moment and the Football draft doesn’t start up again for a few hours, I can expand a little further.

Moving (a.k.a. exercising) is at the core of every fitness routine.  Sometimes complicated questions do have simple answers.  How do I become rich?  Easy – save more than you spend.  How can I lose weight?  Simple – Burn more calories than you consume.

The reason I bring up the point of “moving” being the best fitness advice ever, is because if we look around we still see all the shortcuts out there that people hope will work for them.  Supplements that burn fat.  Cream you rub on your body to reduce cellulite.  Exercise contraptions you can do from your couch while watching TV.

Maybe if I hook myself up to an electric shock machine with connections to my stomach, wallet and head, I’ll get smarter, richer and a six-pack all at the same time.

I’m sorry, but there are no shortcuts.  Actually there are, but they are also probably illegal and/or very dangerous for you.  You have to move. How much and how fast will determine the end result, but for now, just move.

It can be as simple as a nice, casual walk after dinner. Go dancing with your significant other.  Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Take the last parking spot in the lot and walk a little further to the store.  These are just a few ways to start slow when building a fitness routine that works for you.  You can expand that walk after dinner to a slow jog. Increase your speed or distance if you want to advance further.  The key is to reach the level that you are comfortable with, motivated to repeat, and that gives you the results you seek.

Fitness routines do not need to be grueling, punishing programs that you force yourself to complete a few times a week. Have fun…start slow…and just move!

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