Easiest way to lose weight…for Free!


Actually, I should have titled this “Lose weight and save money”.  This is better than free.  Don’t worry, this is not the typical internet fitness gimmick.  I promise not to start talking about some magic fat-burning pills that you can try for free.  Or that amazing cream you rub on your body to burn fat while you sleep.  This is easier. This will actually save you money.  It’s healthy.  And it works because I’ve done it.

No Pain, No Gain….really?

I don’t know if I would call this the oldest mantra in workout history, but how many times have you heard someone say “No pain, No gain”?  Coaches, workout partners, fitness experts, motivational trainers….the list goes on and on. I’m not going to sit here and tell you this is complete bullshit, but you have to take this with a grain of salt.

Yes, it does have some merit.  You can’t expect to take a few days off every time there is a little soreness. Push through it, let your muscles adapt and you will come out stronger in the end.  But where do you draw the line?

I consider myself extremely lucky. After 20+ years of running, lifting weights, playing some football and a dozen other activities

Killer Abs! Kendra Wilkinson’s Intense Beach Workout.

There probably is some truth to the thought that guys tend to be a little more obsessed with their arms and chest than women. And yes, Women probably are the same way with their legs and butt.  But when you think of a rock-solid six pack, I think it’s safe to assume everyone wants killer abs.

Check out this post about former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and what she does to keep that washboard intact:

Killer Abs

Enhance your workout – Burn Fat and Increase Definition


I am always skeptical when I read about new exercises or new equipment that promise to chisel your physique and burn fat in exchange for just a few minutes a day. I think most of us know that if there was a secret to reach our fitness goals in a fraction of the time we would have found it by now. Just like if there was a secret to becoming rich by working only a few hours a week from the comfort of our own home, everybody would be doing it.

This post is not about some short cut or another empty promise that leads to fitness nirvana.

What happened to my appetite?


I was beginning to think I had a tapeworm or was just embarking on another winter cold. I would guess that I’m like most people in that I do eat breakfast in the morning, but it’s a quick and very light meal. I workout on an empty stomach as soon as I get up and then down a quick bowl of cereal and some fruit before starting my day (oh, forgot to mention a quart of coffee…I know – not good). Fast forward 2 hours and I am literally starving. No surprise really. The breakfast I just ate was healthy, but barely replenished the energy I used during my workout. I’m always ready with at least one or two snacks in between meals. Why am I not hitting that hunger wall any more? If I’m busy I completely forget to even eat my snack.

Small Changes in Workout – Big Results


I am sure there are many people can relate to this scenario.  For those who run, think of the days you woke up and just felt great.  Legs were full of energy.  Body completely rested.  You get out on the road or track and you feel lighter than ever as though you are cutting through the air like a sharp knife.  You make it through your route with complete ease and wish you had extra time to keep going so that you don’t waste this surge of energy.

Whenever I have runs like this, especially if I have a few in a row, I always think it’s time to kick it up a notch.  I know I can’t extend my run

Opposites do Attract – Balance and Total Body Strength

Balance in Weight Lifting

What would your ideal body look like?  Go ahead and ask this to someone who incorporates weight training into their fitness routine.  More often than not you’ll get a response about wanting a completely toned, defined and muscular body from head to toe. Makes sense. In our mind we envision our ideal body to look somewhere in between a perfectly toned specimen to a freakishly ripped & cut mass of

I Eat Dessert Every Day


It feels so good to get that off my chest.  It’s like a weight has been lifted.  After all, I’m writing a blog for eFitnessbuzz which is all about fitness, exercise, motivation and healthy eating.  I rarely miss a workout, so how could I go on eating dessert every single day.  Simple. In moderation, you have to reward yourself in order to harness your motivation to reach your ultimate goal.

Best Fitness Advice Ever!


If I had to give you the best fitness advice I could ever think of, I can do it in one word – Move!

That’s really all there is to it.  It’s that simple. I can end this article right now and let you chew on that for a while to formulate your own opinion. However, since there aren’t any good sports on at the moment and the Football draft doesn’t start up again for a few hours, I can expand a little further.

Moving (a.k.a. exercising) is at the core of every fitness routine.  Sometimes complicated questions

Unleash the Power of the Banana


It really should be “A banana a day keeps the doctor away”.  Not that I have anything against apples, as I think they are a very nutritious, vitamin-packed fruit. It’s just that the banana to me is the ultimate energy-packed snack, and it has nearly four times the

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